How different DHAMMAL Masti from Other DJ?

Foundation and goal of DHAMMAL Masti is "One happier Client". We try to limit 1 event at a time and only few events per month. This concept not only allows us to get to know you, your needs and expectation in greater detail but also to focus on coordination of your event to exceed your expectation. Again it's all about you and we don't believe in competition to gain additional business. We understand that each event is different and requirements are different. Based on your schedule, expectations we plan accordingly communicate and select music that suits to your event.  We bring our highest level of professionalism, experience, expertise and commitment to react the situation quickly. We believe in transparent, honest business and all our terms and conditions are clearly outlined in our contract to ensure you that you will get what we have committed to you. After all it's your event and we will be there to cater your requests.

Will you be able to provide written contract and when?

Yes, of course. We provide a written, legal contract during our first Face to Face meeting. If the distance and/or schedule don't permit such arrangement we can send it through E-mail, by Mail or by Fax however you want. Our obligation to the client and other factors related to event is clearly outlined in the contract. We have nothing to hide.

Can you provide us proof of insurance?

This is something that we would like to share with you in the beginning process only. Our all and any event comes with complementary one million dollar liability policy. Again we are committed, professional and dedicated to cater you as safely as possible. Just ask as and we will ensure to add your venue to our policy, and provide a certificate of proof upon requested by your venue.

Can we meet in person before we sign a contract?

If time and schedule permits we prefer to meet you in person. If not, phone,E-mail, messaging, Skype or any other possible way of communication suitable to you can be arranged.

Do you require any deposit to confirm event date?

At least 25% of final contract amount is required to confirm the event date which will be applicable towards the final payment. This deposit is required at the time of signing the contract if meeting face to face or within 5 business days from signed date of the contract, e-mail or any written confirmation. Refund/Cancelation policy is clearly mentioned in the contract agreement.

Do you perform multiple events in a day?

No, never. If we have accepted to perform your event, than our commitment is strictly limited to you for that day. Again we strongly believe in our foundation and goal "One Happier Client" that we don't compromise at any cost.  You can view our event calendar on our website. We believe in transparent business.

What's your dressing style for an event?

You can always let us know if you have any preference. But in general Formal dark business suit with appropriate accessories. For Garba and Rass traditional Indian outfits. We believe in professionalism not only in our performance but in our dressing style and attitude also.

What type of event you perform? 

For us no event is small or big. We do all private events including Birthday, Sweet 16, Baby shower, Graduation, Wedding, Reception, charity function, corporate events Garba, or just a house party. We don't do any club events. Our digital library of song includes wide selection and verities of music that suits to type of your event. We carefully select songs specifically to cater the type of the event to set the mood and tone.

What kinds of music do you play?

Whatever you prefer us to play. We have large collections of Bollywood Latest songs, Instrumental, Top 40, old, Remix, Hollywood, hip hop, plus ethnic favorites Rass and Garba.

What if you don't have my selection of song or music? Are we allowed to select our own songs?

You can always request us list of songs in Song selection tab of the event Itinerary document that we will provide you after the legal contract is signed. Song selection can be changed at any time, number of times prior to 1 week of the event date. Song selection document becomes final document prior to 1 week of the event date. Any song requested after that, we will make every possible effort to have it ready at the day of the event, however it can't be guaranteed at that point.

Do you take guest song request during live performance?

Part of DJ's job on the day of the event is to assess and to react accordingly to live situation. We limit the song request during live performance based on careful evaluation of atmosphere, and mood of the guests. There for, requested song is not always guaranteed to be played.

Can you be "EMCEE" and handle the whole event or specific announcements?

We love to be voice of our client. Let us know your requirements and we will be glad to work with you to better coordination of specific time of any announcement including but not limited to couple first dance, cake cutting, opening the dance floor, family member introduction, family dance performance or simply whole event. We can be at center point of the floor confidently and professionally at any time when you want us to be. Just let us know how much you want us to involve.

What is your mixing style of the music? 

We do our homework of mixing before the event that allows us to concentrate on administration of guest and their mood to set the smooth flow of the event. We don’t treat your event like it’s a club appearance style but based on the guests tempo, choice and atmosphere we quickly react to maintain the momentum.

How much it will cost me?

We offer various packages as listed on website to meet the expectation of various budgets and event requirements. Each package lists detailed inclusive equipment's with an example of setup image. We have nothing to hide and playing price games is against our fundamental goal. Based on your set up selection, and event schedule, we will provide you initial detailed quote.

What is included in your quote?

Travelling time  up to 50 miles(one way from Schaumburg,IL), setup time, Performance time, breakdown time, and ALL equipment's (varies based on type of set up you choose) There are no hidden charges, and all fees are clearly stated in contract.

How about my discount?

DHAMMAL Masti doesn't believe in haggle pricing. We value not only our but predominantly your time. After careful evaluation of your event, requirements, set up selection, event schedule, travelling distance (up to 50 miles one way from Schaumburg is free of charge) detailed quote will be provided. Of course we value our returning customer with 10% discount. 

What if DHAMMAL Masti cannot keep up the event time promise?

First of all it never happened in past. DHAMMAL Masti will put every effort to keep up the promise made to the client. Road traffic related delay is accounted in our travelling time estimation. For Weather related, unplanned, unavoidable cases we will follow our signed contract. We believe in building our reputation not the opposite.

How early you arrive at venue for the set up?

We always arrive on-site at least an hour and a half prior to actual event start time.

What brand of equipment do you use?

Highest quality professional-grade equipment only such as Pioneer Controller, Numark Mixer and ,Serato DJ full version software, JBL PA speakers, wireless microphones, American DJ and Chauvet lights.

What do you need from event venue?

All we need is one 6-foot banquet table, with linens, and standard power 120-volt, 15-amp circuit on a grounded outlet within 40 feet of where the DJ will be set up.
How many Breaks you take during the event?

We practically don't take any breaks at all other than use of restroom and quick meal. Even during that time we ensure that music goes on.

Can you provide us references?

Any professional, experienced DJ should not have any problem with that. We will gladly provide you references upon request.  We want you to feel completely comfortable in researching our services and confident once you select us as a DJ